Get Radon Out of Your Home For Good

Install a radon mitigation system in your Tallahassee, FL home

Your safety and the safety of your family are obviously very important. Smith & Smith Contracting LLC wants to keep your family safe by providing radon mitigation services to you and our other clients in the Tallahassee, FL area. If our testing proves that there are unhealthy radon levels in your home, we’ll install a radon mitigation system to resolve the issue.

The radon mitigation system we install will vent the radon out of your home to keep it from collecting. Reach out to us right away for effective radon mitigation services.

Here are some tips on keeping radon out of your home

Here are some tips on keeping radon out of your home

If you find dangerous levels of radon present, a radon mitigation system is the only way to make your Tallahassee, FL home safe. You can trust Smith & Smith Contracting to handle your radon mitigation needs.

If you want to continue to make sure you don’t have any radon build-up in your home, these tips can help:

  • Keep the windows open on the lowest level of your home, weather permitting.
  • Seal cracks and openings in your home or business.
  • Purchase and install ceiling fans that generate positive ions.
  • Avoid using exhaust fans, as they may increase radon levels.
  • Cover any exposed earth found in your basement with polyethylene plastic.

The only way to really get rid of a dangerous buildup of radon is to hire a professional for radon mitigation services. Call Smith & Smith Contracting right away to schedule radon mitigation.